What is scrubdin?

Scrubdin is a social platform for healthcare professionals everywhere.

What is the purpose of scrubdin?

To help healthcare professionals connect, network, and learn from each other outside the formality of traditional professional and social media platforms.

What is the difference between scrubdin and other social media like Facebook or professional ones like Linkdin?

Scrubdin has features of both. It is open for social as well as professional connections.

Who owns Scrubdin?

Scrubdin is a free platform. It was setup by medical freelancers who have no special interest or agenda other than creating a free and easily accessible platform to network and connect and share knowledge without relying on current traditional platforms which are loaded with advertisement, divisive speech and other distractions.

Who supports Scrubdin?

Donations! Feel free to donate to this purpose!

Does Scrubdin have any Geographical, professional or ethnic affiliation?

No, not at all! Scrubdin is meant to be global with no affiliation to any formal or informal organization, country, or any group.

Are there any restrictions on the contents published in Scrubdin?

Yes. Scrubdin will be monitored to ensure that inappropriate or insulting contents (e.g.,hate speech, harassment, etc.), are promptly removed.

Where can I find the privacy statement?

Privacy statement is posted on the homepage:Privacy Policy

Can I create my own private group?

Yes. Under scrubdin you can create your own groups and invite members to join it.

Does Scrubdin have its own APP and messenger like FB?

Yes, this is in the pipeline to be added later. Moreover, when messenger is added, Scrubdin will have a very nice “shoutbox” that let everyone chats with everyone!

Can I control the notifications I get from “Scrubdin”?

Absolutely! Instructions are provided on the “user’s guide” on the main page (pending)

Have more questions about scrubdin?

Contact us at: admin@scrubdin.net

or start a conversation with your friend "Scrubby!" 😄 scrubdin.net