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Acute Internal Medicine is a junior speciality started in 2009 in the UK. It serves as an intermediary care between ED and ICU. Where acutely ill patient who needs level 2 care is received from the ED to AMU (Acute medical unit) where, acute care is provided and patient won’t usually stay more than 48 hr and he will be stepped down to GIM or escalated to level 3 icu care if his condition worsened. I was privileged to be trained and certified in Acute medicine and I will start a whole project in collaboration with my colleagues about Acute Internal Medicine including establishing a Libyan society for AIM moving forward. This whole project will be starting in July this year and more information will eventually come.

so excited to share and exchange knowledge and experience and meet with my colleagues from Libya and outside.

I call upon Allah the Almighty to sustain you and grant our home country Libya the security and prosperity. He is the only one capable to do that.

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