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Moral Distress of Healthcare Providers: do they need help?

Imagine you are taking care of a patient that you have some moral conflict or problem with his/her behavior or choices in life. Will this affect you and/or the care you provide to that patient?

Very nice and easy reading and good food for thought below! 

Helping Clinicians Cope With Moral Distress Can Improve Patient Care

“Consider a physician who is morally distressed over a patient with a substance use disorder who chooses to leave the hospital prematurely. This provider’s distress happens to be based on their idea that drug use is immoral and they wonder how much effort they are expected to expend in caring for patients who choose to live this way. In this case, the physician should be empathically supported in caring for patients who may be “difficult to help” because of a substance use disorder by confidentially helping the provider process their concerns and helping them manage their values in the context of providing needed care…..”


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