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The Impact of Unethical Cheating Behaviors on The Rest of Us:

If you not aware of what's going on recently, USMLE scores got invalidated to more than 832 doctors (from Nepal mainly) including doctors who already matched! due to irregular behaviors of answering questions plus a cheating ring discovered in a private Telegram group of Nepalese doctors. A lawsuit happened as a consequence and it revealed that the NBME also didn't stop there they currently investigate irregular behaviors in countries like India, Pakistan and Jordan.

I don't know what to make from all of this, for someone like me as an IMG currently preparing for these exams and for so many doctors doing the same thing carrying the label of an "IMG" you can receive these news as a good thing! because the cheaters inflate their score artificially and take spots from honest doctors that made so many sacrifices for the opportunity to develop their careers in US or you can receive this as a bad thing for all IMGs because this will implant doubt in the mind of program directors about ranking and selecting IMGs because you don't know what you get a legit candidates or cheaters that in any time their scores will get invalidated and lose their ECFMG certificate! so from the point of program directors the safest move is to not take any IMGs!.

This is open to debate and platforms like Scrubdin made for these types of discussions so I posted this so you maybe share what your thoughts about it (only if you wanted to engage).

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