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Medical school graduate from Cyrene, Libya.

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If you not aware of what's going on recently, USMLE scores got invalidated to more than 832 doctors (from Nepal mainly) including doctors who already matched! due to irregular behaviors of answering questions plus a cheating ring discovered in a private Telegram group of Nepalese doctors. A lawsuit happened as a consequence and it revealed that the NBME also didn't stop there they currently investigate irregular behaviors in countries like India, Pakistan and Jordan.

I don't know what to make from all of this, for someone like me as an IMG currently preparing for these exams and for so many doctors doing the same thing carrying the label of an "IMG" you can receive these news as a good thing! because the cheaters inflate their score artificially and take spots from honest doctors that made so many sacrifices for the opportunity to develop their careers in US or you can receive this as a bad thing for all IMGs because this will implant doubt in the mind of program directors about ranking and selecting IMGs because you don't know what you get a legit candidates or cheaters that in any time their scores will get invalidated and lose their ECFMG certificate! so from the point of program directors the safest move is to not take any IMGs!.

This is open to debate and platforms like Scrubdin made for these types of discussions so I posted this so you maybe share what your thoughts about it (only if you wanted to engage).

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Claude 3:

Less than 24 hours ago, an AI company called Anthropic released a model called Claude 3, it's now the state of the art multimodal AI that have three size and capability options, just like ChatGPT models, you can use it to help you with so much medical related tasks like conducting research and doing analyses and much much more.

It's currently the "smartest" model that's available to the public (not in Libya unfortunately), if you interested in boosting your productivity, subscribe and try it out!

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Nike statue in my hometown Cyrene 🌿.

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Researchers at Georgia Tech developed a new blood test for ovarian cancer using AI.

The model calculates a personalized probability score for patients based on their unique blood profile.

Medicine is the fastest growing field in AI use case, if you don't pay attention you will miss a crucial part of the future.

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Worth a look

A new AI model spots hidden signs of irregular heartbeats in regular ECGs, catching risks standard tests miss.

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The term zeitgeber (literally, time giver or time cue) refers to environmental variables that are capable of acting as circadian time cues. These are the cues that influence the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus which famous as the "biological clock" inside us.

A simple mnemonic to remember all those cues think "LET'S Eat":

1. Light (most powerful).

2. Exercise or Movement.

3. Temperature.

4. Social Cues.

5. Eat (food).

These act unconsciously but can be used consciously to keep your biological rhythm healthy which impact all forms of health, including of course, mental health.

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brand new paper of an AI technology that outperform radiologist in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) identification.

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is the ratio of positive to negative interactions necessary to make a team successful. This means that it takes about three positive comments, experiences, or expressions to fend off the languishing effects of one negative. Dip below this tipping point, now known as the Losada Line, and workplace performance quickly suffers. Rise above it—ideally, the research shows, to a ratio of 6 to 1—and teams produce their very best work.

• Best positive to negative ratio 3-1 to 6-1.

• Interestingly, Fredrickson found that 3:1 was the ratio at which people began to flourish outside work as well. Her research revealed that when people have three positive thoughts to every negative thought, they are more optimistic, are happier, and feel more fulfilled (2:1 was considered “languishing” and 1:1 was “depressed”). There’s an old saying that “bad news comes in threes.” Instead of just accepting this depressing adage, try to balance every piece of bad news with three good pieces of good news.

Why a skewed ratio? Shouldn’t one positive neutralize a negative? No. Research has emphatically proven that because we naturally give more weight to negatives, it takes more positives to balance them out.

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I found this on the internet and figure out that it can be of benefit to inform future doctors

A streamed interview with a program director to answer "what do program directors look for?", "how do I optimize my application?"", what's the best strategy for interviews?"


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Interesting fact you should know:

According to the state of AI report 2023, the field of medicine is the fastest growing field in terms of mentions of AI in research papers, meaning the new wave of technology will have unprecedented rule in making new medical breakthroughs that will change the way we do medicine in the future.

This is just the beginning.

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The 85% Rule of Optimal Learning:

Very simple but very effective rule, if you're not failing 15 percent of the time when you're engaging in a learning experience, you're not maximizing learning. Or to put this another way, you know you've hit the learning sweet spot when you're succeeding at whatever you're trying to do 85 percent of the time.

So if you have the option to set the difficulty of learning or training, adjusted it to keep the learning success and accuracy at around 85%.

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If you interested and want to read something different, new but relevant two very recent articles I decided to share them with you about the merge of machine learning technology with the world of medicine, this certainly will result in speeding up medical research and lots of changes of how we do medicine in relatively short time, so expect big updates coming to medicine from AI:


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