Badr Ilmaguook بدر المجعوك

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I am PGY 1 at woodhull Medical and Mental center.

As an adventurer, I love to travel, play, challenge myself, and get to know new people. My constitution is the Qur'an, and my role model is the Prophet Muhammad; may God bless him and grant him peace. My hobbies are football,swimming, table tennis, and going out for walks. The source of my happiness and strength is my family, the companion of my success, and my assistant, my wife, Alaa. My goal and dreams are to be one of the best doctors in the world, specializing in general internal medicine, diseases of the digestive system, and endoscopy.

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شكرا دكتور منصور علي المشاركة

A 75-year-old male with DMII, hypertension, tobacco abuse and CAD s/p PCI who was referred with further cardiac evaluation post TIA symptoms. His transthoracic echo was abnormal and so we proceeded with TEE (images attached).

Please let me know what do you you think?

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