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Describe the finding ?

    • Well, RV large and hypokinetic, LV is small and collapsing, almost empty. Mobile echogenic shadow in the TV sub-valvular area (? valvular apparatus).

      Not sure what is the diagnosis, but suspect primary problem in right-side/pulmonary (e.g., PE..etc). Need more clues..or images!

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      • @Khaled Sleik what is the answer to this my friend?

        • Transposition of great arteries (D TGA) as we see both aortic/pulmonary valves seen in parallel to each other. I assume patient had atrial switch procedure.

          morphological RV acts as systematic left ventricle which is not prepared for a such task as we see the systolic function is reduced.

          thank you for sharing the case. If it was the case, it is amazing that the patient is still alive

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          • Nice! That makes sense. Never seen one.

            • D TGA for sure

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