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Alsalam Alaikum,

I think this platform connects many Physicians in the US more than any other platform, and I’m really glad that we finally have a ground to gather us.

I would like to talk about the residency, and the challenges that face many Libyan applicants this season, as well as the previous seasons. I found many of them didn’t get a single interview after all this effort, I don’t know why, but many physicians started to talk about “Connections”. As a next season applicant with many others Libyan applicants who will apply next September insha, allah, we need to connect with other Libyan doctors. I think each current resident, or physician can secure an interview for one applicant, if not at least guide them during the application.

I know many doctors are busy, but by helping the new doctors to match will expand our community here, and the new residents will help the next generations.

I don’t know how, but maybe we can create a secured Excel sheet for the doctors who want to volunteer to help the other and connect them and the number of applicants.

Any advice is appreciated.

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