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Libyan MPH student in the USA, applying for upcoming residency season 2024.

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Alsalam Alaikum,

I think this platform connects many Physicians in the US more than any other platform, and I’m really glad that we finally have a ground to gather us.

I would like to talk about the residency, and the challenges that face many Libyan applicants this season, as well as the previous seasons. I found many of them didn’t get a single interview after all this effort, I don’t know why, but many physicians started to talk about “Connections”. As a next season applicant with many others Libyan applicants who will apply next September insha, allah, we need to connect with other Libyan doctors. I think each current resident, or physician can secure an interview for one applicant, if not at least guide them during the application.

I know many doctors are busy, but by helping the new doctors to match will expand our community here, and the new residents will help the next generations.

I don’t know how, but maybe we can create a secured Excel sheet for the doctors who want to volunteer to help the other and connect them and the number of applicants.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Excited for the Zoom session on ECG! Learning to read and understand it is so interesting.

Big thanks to the doctors leading this session! Grateful for the opportunity to learn more about ECG.

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