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Routine EKG reading. What is the rhythm?

Please choose an answer from the list below before you review the answer in the attached video.

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EKG Nuggets: Spice Up Your Learning!

Welcome to our EKG Nuggets series where we spice up your learning with some electrifying insights presented by a Cardiologist!

Since Nashville holds the crown for the world's hot chicken capital, we're borrowing its flavor scale to rate the appropriateness/difficulty of these nuggets for different audiences:

  • Mild (for the med students and interns)
  • Medium (senior residents, come on down!)
  • Spicy (calling all cardiology fellows and junior cardiologists!)
  • Extra Spicy (senior cardiologists and rhythm specialists, let's turn up the heat!)

In each episode, get ready for a short video (less than 10 minutes) where we'll doodle and scribble directly on the EKG.

Hope you're ready for this spicy learning journey! 🌶️🔥


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This EKG was taken from a 63 y-o male in the ED with chest pain.

(Answer in video below).

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40 male with chest pain for 2 days present ER for evaluation The following EKG obtained

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What are things (at least 3) in this EKG that may give you clues about this patient's age?

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Thanks @Khaled Sleik for creating this group. Nice idea!

Is this to post EKGs for people to get an opinion about them (i.e., help reading them) or to post EKGs where we know the answer mainly for educational purpose or both?

Also, I would suggest we tag all EKGs with the EKG channgel ( ) so, these EKGs will show up there as well.

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A 41-year-old lady who presented with syncope. In the emergency room, her high sensitivity troponin went from 48 to 183 in 1 hour. She reported mild shortness of breath and chest pain on exertion.

What was the likely mechanism of her syncope? (answered in the 1st comment)

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I want to share this "routine" case we see everyday, but it has a little twist that we don't see very often. No tricks here!!

This is a 41-y-o Hispanic male, presented with lingering CP x 12 hrs. Exam negative.

Presenting EKG below:

Troponins below:

Did well overnight. No recurrent CP.

What's next: Stress or Cath?

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Reposted Khalid Abozguia's post.

Recap of HRS23 in NOLA: No significant advancements in clinical trials were reported. However, there was considerable focus on three notable areas of interest: left bundle area pacing, CardioNeuroAblation, and PulseField Ablation.

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This is a straightforward EKG that everyone should know. We saw this patient a week ago.

He is 56-y-o-Hispanic man in ER with SOB. 

What is the interpretation? What is next?

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A 48-year-old male post-PCI to LAD. He reports 2/10 chest pain, otherwise hemodynamically stable. 

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24 year old male complaining from palpitation, sweating, shorness of breath since 1 month, not regular ocurring of symptoms, general examintaion is normal in all indices BP=130,Pulse=65,T=37C, then subjected to ECG. your opinions Drs?

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