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Color is not a diagnosis !

‍ Interesting article. Am curious about what people think about it.

In wherever part of the world you practice, do you take into account patient's ethnicity or other socio-economical variables?

Do you believe this may lead to a treatment bias in general (not necessarily by you)?

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Do you believe that ethnicity or socioeconomic trait of the patient are important? do you think this can cause a significant bias in their care?
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    • Same applies to gender, females may not receive timely care.

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      • @Elham Elmehdawi I assume these studies reflect mainly developed countries. Is that is the case, or is it more global?

        would love to hear input from different parts of the world.

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        • It's more global , for example here in great Libya, our female patients presented with more valvular heart disease complications in comparison with the male patients

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          • Very sad..

          • Color , gender , ethnicity and tribes and religious and cultural believes all matter for sure for medical Doctor

            Differences will exist and we have to openly talk about them and incorporate them in the managment .

            Go and try to convince the amazigh tribes in libya to stop inbreading among each same family to reduce the incidence hyperoxaluria to stop seeing kids and children on dialysis machines!!!

            Yes Yes Color matter

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