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EKG Nuggets: Spice Up Your Learning!

Welcome to our EKG Nuggets series where we spice up your learning with some electrifying insights presented by a Cardiologist!

Since Nashville holds the crown for the world's hot chicken capital, we're borrowing its flavor scale to rate the appropriateness/difficulty of these nuggets for different audiences:

  • Mild (for the med students and interns)
  • Medium (senior residents, come on down!)
  • Spicy (calling all cardiology fellows and junior cardiologists!)
  • Extra Spicy (senior cardiologists and rhythm specialists, let's turn up the heat!)

In each episode, get ready for a short video (less than 10 minutes) where we'll doodle and scribble directly on the EKG.

Hope you're ready for this spicy learning journey! 🌶️🔥


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    • Well done Dr Fathi..

      We need such a subjects

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      • Great initiative.

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